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Graca M

The sponsorship provided by Nyashep not only gave Graca the opportunity to spread her wings and pursue her dreams, but it also served as a beacon of hope. Growing up with a jobless mother after her father's passing, Graca faced numerous challenges that could have hindered her education and future prospects.

During a safari trip to Kenya, an American family was deeply moved by Graca's story and her exceptional performance in primary school. This family trusted Nyashep Director’s story of Graca and decided to step in and sponsor her education, opening doors that seemed closed due to financial constraints. With this support, Graca was able to enroll in Kenya High School and take advantage of the various programs offered by Nyashep, including mentorship and role modeling.

Graca’s family sponsors also created time to travel back to Kenya and meet their sponsored student.

Thanks to the sponsorship and guidance she received, Graca was able to secure a scholarship to attend Arizona State University (ASU). There, she pursued a major in Electrical Engineering and a minor in Business studies, setting the stage for a successful career in a field that she was passionate about. The impact of the sponsorship went beyond just financial assistance, as it empowered Graca to achieve her academic and professional goals, breaking barriers and reaching new heights.


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