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Joey K

Destiny took an unexpected turn for Joey when she crossed paths with an American breast cancer surgeon during her time volunteering with ANAW in Kenya. This surgeon, who was on a mission to neuter domestic dogs and immunize donkeys, became the catalyst for Joey's future. Joey had already faced her fair share of hardships, having lost her father during her lower primary years and tragically losing a younger sibling in a fire incident.

As a result, her single and unemployed mother struggled to provide for Joey's education beyond high school.

However, thanks to the generous sponsorship from the American surgeon, Joey was able to complete four years of high school at Alliance Girls school in 2023.

Her hard work and dedication paid off, as she not only graduated but also qualified to pursue a degree in Medicine and Surgery.

Recognizing Joey's potential and determination, her sponsors continued to support her educational journey. As she eagerly awaits her university enrollment in September 2024, they have also provided her with the opportunity to take French classes at Alliance Francaise. This additional language skill will undoubtedly enhance Joey's future prospects in the medical field.


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