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Isaac O

Isaac's life took a tragic turn when he lost both of his parents at a young age. The death of his mother while he was still in Primary school was a devastating blow, and it was followed by the loss of his father after he had joined high school.

Despite these hardships, Isaac's determination and intelligence shone through. He had always been a bright student, and he refused to let his circumstances define him.

However, Isaac faced numerous challenges when it came to pursuing his education. He attempted to join high school twice, but unfortunately, he did not receive any support. It seemed like his dreams of furthering his education were slipping away. But Isaac's perseverance paid off on his third attempt at Lieta Primary school in Kendu Bay. It was at Lieta Primary school that Isaac's life took a turn for the better.

Nyashep recognized Isaac's potential and offered him sponsorship to attend Oriwo boys' high school, and connected Isaac with generous sponsors from America and Panama. These sponsors, along with other friends of Nyashep, provided Isaac with the necessary support throughout his high school years, university, and even at the prestigious Kenya School of Law.

Isaac's hard work and the unwavering support he received from his sponsors and friends paid off in the end. In 2012, he achieved his dream of becoming a lawyer when he was admitted to the bar. Isaac's journey from a young boy who had lost everything to a successful lawyer is a testament to his resilience and the power of kindness and support from others.


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