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Millicent O

Millicent's educational journey was not an easy one. After losing her mother while attending Osika primary school in Kendu Bay, she faced even more challenges when her unemployed and sick father passed away. However, her determination and intelligence shone through as she successfully passed Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education - KCSE and received Nyashep sponsorship.

This allowed her to attend Ahero Girls high school for one year and then Lwak Girls high school for another year. Unfortunately, tragedy struck again when she lost her father while at Lwak school. Despite these hardships, Nyashep stepped in and found a kind sponsor to take Millicent in so she could continue her education.

She completed high school at Oyugi Ogango high school and was fortunate enough to qualify for Kenyatta University. Nyashep also arranged for a sponsor from California to support her CPA classes, further enhancing her chances of finding employment. Millicent's hard work paid off as she graduated from Kenyatta University with a Bachelor's in Commerce degree and CPA certification from Kenya college of Accountancy.


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