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Lillian K

After the tragic loss of her mother during childbirth, young Lillian found herself in the care of a children's home. As she grew older and reached the age to attend high school, it seemed like all hope was lost for her to pursue an education and complete her studies. However, a glimmer of light appeared in her life when an American family residing in New York generously sponsored her education.

This sponsorship allowed Lillian to enroll in Starehe Girl School, located in Kiambu on the outskirts of Nairobi, where she could finally pursue her dreams of education. Against all odds, Lillian's determination and resilience shone through as she dedicated herself to her studies at Starehe Girl School. With the support of her sponsors, she overcame the obstacles.

Her hard work paid off when she successfully graduated from the Catholic University of Eastern Africa in 2021, majoring in Political Science and Italian Language. Lillian's journey from a challenging childhood to becoming a university graduate is a testament to her strength and the transformative power of education.


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